The word “Pohjola” is derived from the Finnish mythology, and is roughly translated to “The most extreme north, a terribly cold and dark place” and is a vital location in the finnish-karelian folklore epic Kalevala.

Our logo represents “Ukonkirves” or “Axe of Ukko” (often also referred to as “Hammer of Ukko”) which is an ancient weapon of the Supreme God Ukko, The God of the Sky, Weather, Harvest and Thunder. He is believed to be able to cause lightning by striking with his hammer.

Pohjola Works products aspire to take themes and iconology from this ancient mythology, full of powerful tales and mysteries.

Currently Pohjola Works is a one-man effort to spice up the custom keyboard community here in Finland, and I think it is important to partner up with local communities and manufacturers, to create truly beautiful and functional products.